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Firstly, apologies – I was supposed to post every Friday but was busy at work last week – and second, this is a bit of a weirder article

WHEN others attempt to influence us; pictures in magazines, ideologies of a ‘perfect life’; do you listen?
Do you try to imitate what someone else may think of a perfect person? Because no-one can be you better than you, and you are perfect.

From a religious point of view, He created everyone in his image and everyone is perfect, everyone is made to be someone.
Then we think about the not-so-perfect people. Are they evil or do they just have faults? Was it their purpose to become what they are, or were? For example, Hitler’s nephew immigrated to America, became a marine, set up residence in Long Island and, in 1939, wrote the book “Why I Hate My Uncle.”
This brings us…

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