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The planned trilogy of Last Airbender films by M. Night Shyamalan may have come to an abrupt halt after it’s big screen debut, not reeling in what Paramount expected and being murdered by film critics.

I myself am a fan of the cartoon series and, unlike many others, believe the film did it justice. Yes, there were fewer comedic scenes (one that may not have been planned in Gran-gran explaining to Katara ‘As soon as we knew you were a bender…’) and that Aang seemed a bit too deep and, at times, depressed with other criticism throwing knives at Shyamalan’s choice to change the pronunciation of some character’s names and the poor man was nearly executed for removing the Kyoshi warriors, and not including them in the bonus features of the DVD – which I am not ashamed to say that I proudly own – simply saying that he’ll save…

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