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FOR many years now, period dramas have been the saving grace of TV but, more recently, increasing numbers of these sophisticated modern viewings have been condemned as ‘posh soaps’.

            The shows have, slowly but surely, been acquiring more episodes every season. This not only extends them for more weeks a year than expected (not that I’m complaining) but can also slow down the progression of the entire series, a.k.a. Patron Saint of Losing Audience.

Not that they need the extra million or so channel flickers; Downton Abbey’s final episode (excluding the Christmas Day special) raked in almost 13 million viewers from both sides of the Atlantic, despite the inauspicious advertisement breaks.

            Scandal and the, unfortunate, fraternising between the Earl’s eldest and a visiting Turk ended up much more Eastenders-esque than Gosford Park with yet another quick quip from Dame Maggie Smith as the horrendous Dowager to…

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