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Our History, Our Future


Our History, Our Future (or my Great Theory of Relative Multiverse and the Fourth Dimension)

Uncovering how much of a history buff I am when I saw a bottle of water in a low rubbish bin today with ‘ICENI’ emblazoned across its label I immediately think of that rebellious red-head (as is their nature, on a more stereotypical note), Boudicca. This of course reminds me of that infamous 2003 film Warrior Queen starring not only Emily Blunt but that dazzling shock of hair we all know and love as Alex Kingston, leading me on to memories of a certain British classic entitled Doctor Who and that onto the Roman invasion and back to the Celtic majesty of Boudicca. My associative web tangled further afield but we can conclude that this is one vicious circle of nerdiness and knowledge acquired only by those who have some inhuman grasp of history (and love it beyond their backside) and whom also have a dear fondness of modern culture that isn’t limited to Tinie Tempah and God knows who else of a similar esquire.

Not being a bit of a kill-joy to those who share the undying lust of it with me, but history is the sole subject where everything is pretty much set-in-stone and unlikely to change, making it the definition of a ‘definitive, easy subject’, should one exist.
Unlike the Sciences and English and Art, nothing can be edited, there is little chance of a new theory coming in to explain the inexplicable or for ideas to change. On that note, what we study in the aforementioned subjects, plus things like Economics and Geography is so drastically different today than 50 years ago that today’s students may find the curriculum a half century ago almost completely unidentifiable. The theories, influences and discoveries are so varied over even this small timeline that it may make History one of the more complex and, though it is mostly just cold hard fact to memorize, harder subjects as there is a lot of change and this means a lot of analysis.

The task of analyzing changes in economics and culture, vast improvements and declines in the medicinal and political senses and, of course, who conquered who, where and when (or h-when as a certain Scottish History teacher of mine once said), is left to the unwilling student. Sometimes, though, this student is avid to tackle most (very long essay-writing) challenges to improve their knowledge and accept as a privilege the free education provided in Britain today.

This may seem stupid, but I believe that what we discover about our past may culminate in the re-discoveries of identical manifestations in our future. That around the time that the universe is halfway through its natural life, all of time will flip back on itself and events will happen again, in reverse order. That the Universe will experience a reverse in everything until its pleasant demise as perfect and untainted as it was at its creation. That may/not occur, it’s one hypothesis (of multiple hypotheses) that fits well with my as-of-yet greatest thesis yet.
My theory for this? Simple, the time-space continuum is an infinite loop and a paradox (because we all love a few of those on a Tuesday night, don’t we now?). The Big Bang destroyed the Universe but something as big and as powerful as that would also re-create the Universe, having created it in the first place, forcing a succession of universes to occur one after the other as they are destroyed and re-created but also all to exist simultaneously. And, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with my theory of Relative Multiverse and the Fourth Dimension.




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