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Let’s get the pronunciation and use of English thing out of the way, shall we?

http://www.antimoon.com/forum/2003/2817.htm <-here, most practically all of it is wrong. Antimoon, just FYI, is awful. Only an actual English person should be trying to teach you English. No-one else. Especially not a stupid Yank.

Notes in BOLD.

Here’s the first bit: And the comments:

http://www.antimoon.com/forum/2003/3782.htm <- I feel sorry for this lad. Unfortunately, he’s obviously a stupid Yank himself. Okay, ‘to be like “Oh yah”‘ does sound awfully stupid, and the American’s won’t have developed the way in which it is grammatically correct, but I will explain how it is.

Here’s the first bit: And the comments:

Yes, I know the comment quotation boxes are doing something a bit funky but you’ll work something out.

http://www.antimoon.com/forum/t12793-30.htm <- This is one AWFULLY stupid Yank. Time for the English – American War of the Words (I just came up with that just now!)

First bit!: Ze stupid Yank (and clever Brit) Comments:(@)



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