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Lady Sybil is going to die…

Title self explanatory? Well, either Lady Sybil or the Dowager Countess (I don’t know which one I’d be more upset about). Basically, everything that comes to this conclusion can be found off here. Read through all the sources and you get this: Lady Sybil is probably going to die before Downton Abbey Season 5, maybe even before Season 4.


  1. Jessica Brown Findlay (Lady Sybil) is not credited for Season 3.
  2. Allen Leech (Tom Branson) is credited as having a title role in Season 3. (In Seasons 1 & 2 he was a supporting role because he didn’t have his own storyline, he was an aid to the main characters’ storylines.)
  3. Jessica Brown Findlay hasn’t signed a contract for Season 4 or 5; Allen Leech has (as well as practically everyone else.)
  4. Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) needs something to actually do. Face it, with Sybil there and the Mary/Matthew tension that has now been resolved, Edith didn’t do anything. Season 4 may just be Edith finally doing something, Cora getting her own way, Branson not doing much and His Lordship having to employ a load of new maids because no-one has come back from previous series (Yay, or nay? I’m sure he’ll enjoy himself.)
  5. Jess has a huge film (Winter’s Tale).
  6. It’s the 1920’s. She’s going to have to give birth at some point. Many (Most) young women died in childbirth.
  7. Lady Persie died in ‘Upstairs Downstairs‘. Julian Fellowes will follow suit (again).
  8. Lady Sybil is too innocent. Have you seen ‘Albatross‘ (and the end of ‘Black Mirror: 15 Million Merits‘)?
  9. Season 3 has two marriages, a death and an American. Marriage = Mary/Matthew (hopefully; maybe one is Mary/Carlisle, then she breaks again and runs away with Matthew), American = Martha Levinson (Cora’s mum) and because the only point of her being there is to join in the bickering of Dowager/Cora/Isobel, none of those can die.
  10. There are many more reasons/pieces of evidence I could give but I will simply finish (10 reasons seems good enough, no?) with this: You can see it happening. Sybil dying gives you stories for at least a whole Season in itself, forgetting about everyone else in that manor not actually in Yorkshire. It would be worth T.V. mtrillions.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Lady Sybil, but even I would kill her off. For the love of Downton Abbey.

One thing is decided, though; Jessica Brown Findlay is the new Keira Knightley.

Jess Brown Findlay

(And death to those who talk of this ‘Knightley-itis’ – when an actor/actress has a single expression throughout, without showing emotion. Keira Knightley is amazing. Watch ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘ Kristen Stewart has that unchanging face.)



3 thoughts on “Lady Sybil is going to die…

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    speculation; i love sybil, too

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  2. So. Yeh. I saw it coming (well…) but I cried. And was hoping it wouldn’t happen, and not secretly or anything. Outright… yeh.

    Posted by endperson1997 | 17-10-2012, 2030


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