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Now, lets show you about archery. (Hawkeye, from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble)


This says that compared to the American number 1, Hawkeye is epically failing at archery and therefore Marvel have it all wrong.

Firstly, many people hold bows in different ways.

Secondly, Jeremy Renner did have a trainer, so he knows what he’s doing, as well as there being consultants on all the disciplines used in the film.

Thirdly, in that picture of the Olympian, he’s preparing his bow for a shot when he has 2 minutes, has been staring at his target for hours, knew the exact conditions 4 years in advance and is stood still.

Fourthly, Renner is left-handed, not right-handed and, more importantly, not double-jointed. (Hawkeye in the comics is ambidextrous.)

If you look at Brady (that archer dude) then you can see his elbow is flat vertical, virtually, whereas Renner’s is at an angle.

That angle is natural. I also arch, and the natural position to hold your arm (whilst holding your bow), especially when you’re being snappy, is like that. I, however, am also double-jointed and so tried slowly and meticulously preparing my bow and raising my arm. Turning my wrist to hold my bow straight and, wow, vertical elbow. You only really want to do it like that when you have the time and there’s a good reason not to lift your bow normally.

I should also probably add that, even when you’re double-jointed, it may be a good base when you’re still and competing in the Olympics, but it’s darn uncomfortable to hold your arm like that for more than a few seconds. Thankfully, Brady’s shots are followed by a downward recoil and then he drops his arm to wait and then reload. Hawkeye? No. He has a quiver and simply drags an arrow from it, pulls the bowstring back as he places the arrow on and releases. One movement, one arm. His bow arm does not move. It stays in that position and his shoulder (and wrist, for some shots) rotates so he can change the direction he’s firing in. That elbow stays where it is. Natural is more comfortable. Obviously. Plus, half the time Hawkeye’s bow is meant to be at an angle, too – or being used as a crossbow. Try keep your elbow straight like that (okay, with double-jointed and a minute to prepare this works as well).

The most important thing, though, I’d say, is that everyone shoots differently. The best archers in the world all shoot differently. It depends on the person, and so if you hold your bow, load your arrows, or draw your bowstring slightly differently to someone else, it doesn’t matter. Remember that Hawkeye’s a spy, too. He can shoot how he likes. He doesn’t do Olympic archery, he does ‘how quickly can I blow this up, kill these dudes and get that?’ archery. He specialises in trick shots, using the wind instead of hating it (like Brady does, presumably, along with many other archers that just lift to shoot something non-moving, non-shielded and a set distance directly in front of them).

Hawkeye’s archery is a whole other type than that we see in competitions, and everyone does shoot however they like. He knows what he’s doing, trust me. Renner knows what he’s doing too, as does Brady – and they all do it their own way (well, Hawkeye in the films and Renner are pretty much mutually exclusive but you know.)

And everyone saying he (Hawkeye) should kiss the bowstring? Er, no. Many never do that. It, again, depends on the person and the form of archery. These world-class archers like Brady and that person I can’t remember the name of who trained Jennifer Lawrence before The Hunger Games are spending a lot of time standing and preparing and aiming so they can do that. From the moment they lift their bow after the other person has had their go, they get 90 seconds, but there’s time before that and the size of the target and distance from it never change (or, if they do a bit, it’s certified about 10 years ahead and you’d start training for competing about 4 years in advance, for the Olympics, at least).

So, yes, he’s not doing it wrong. Marvel haven’t got it wrong and, anyway, he’s fictional so he could if he wanted to. But he’s doing it the right way for him (Hawkeye) and thank god. If he were doing it the right way for Brady, Manhattan could well be flattened right now (teehee).


Not to mention that Hawkeye has a special bow and some super-cool arrows, while we’re at it. That just makes it awesome, anyway.

And if that is not his and Black Widow’s kid, then, well… that’d be the wrong call.



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