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Palpatine is Hitler… and something else that’s really awesome.

Okay. So, most certainly Revenge Of The Sith, as well as some aspects from the other films of the prequel trilogy, resemble the Nazi rise so much I find it implausible to just be a coincidence. Keep reading for the something else.

We won’t be working in chronological order, too much thinking. Well, let’s start with the Stormtroopers. How are they related to the Nazis? Um, the Nazis’ personal army were called Stormtroopers. Weren’t they the SA/ Brown Shirts? Yes, ‘SA’ is short for the German Sturm-abteilung. I’ll give you one guess. Right, that’s sorted. Then there’s Hitler’s get-my-man-to-kill-all-the-Jews-and-black-people, and destroy democracy. Jews and black people? In Star Wars? Yeah. Mace Windu gets killed by Anakin, as does Padme. If you hadn’t noticed, Samuel L. Jackson is sort-of of an ethnic minority. Padme represents democracy (hence her death right at the end is very symbolic. Also, Natalie Portman is an Austro-Polish Jew. Austria and Poland were the first places to home Concentration camps during the Holocaust, one of which several members of the actress’ family were exterminated at. Amidala, though, the character, represents democracy… the Republic. As in, the one in Germany between 1919 and 1932. Funnily enough, that’s exactly the same number of years that Amidala is Senator for. (But that’s most likely coincidence as the timings are all messed up in the prequel trilogy. I shall elaborate later.)

Palpatine represents Hitler, Anakin and Obi-Wan the Goerring brothers. (Google them if you don’t know.) So: Palpatine ends up in politics after being a bosch soldier in WWI. In SW terms, the Clone Wars is that time between the First and Second World Wars, with the wars themselves being the battle between the good and dark sides of the Force. Germany (Naboo) ends up in a bit of trouble. Through propaganda and some friends (that he later betrays) he manages to convince everyone that they have no faith in the Republic and ends up becoming Chancellor. This spot of bother? Oh, the French (Trade Federation) have invaded the Ruhr (important part of Germany) and are trying to force another Diktat (peace treaty). The Republic screwed up and now people think they might as well have Hitler (Palpatine) for Chancellor. Right, now as soon as he gets power, Hitler invokes Article 48. Don’t know what it is? Well, it states that in times of emergency the Chancellor has the power to order things without having to call a meeting of the Senate… sound familiar? Hitler sort of keeps all these powers and convinces people like, oh Goerring (the bad one) that a dictatorship with him as Fuhrer will be a good thing. Anakin (the bad Goerring) may just tell Padme that a dictatorship might be what they need. Remember, Padme symbolises democracy/ the Republic. Hitler then creates the SA (Stormtroopers) to work for the Republic while he is Chancellor and everybody believes he is good (well, Okay, Einstein skipped out of Germany at this point – genius was a German Jew – but he was a genius. It is arguably the smartest thing he ever did.) Later they become his own private army, set to attack the Republic. They were mostly Ayran, too, Hitler’s favourites, and so looked like clones (this is recorded, point fact, that “it was like an Army of Clones. The Stormtroopers… all looked alike, pale… with their military uniform and red armbands.” I swear, that could be an extract from SW, as you’ll recall the clones get red armbands during the Clone War – likely the Night of The Long Knives during the later bits of Ep III.) So, Palpatine is Hitler. When people (not Germans, he had convinced them all that they were on the right side) realised he was evil he already had too much power. Anakin is most likely representative of all the Germans.

Something that also happened, that the Nazis highly influenced the Republic to do, was the destruction of Luxemburg. Wait, what, the tiny country?! No, that’s Luxembourg, I mean Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebnicht, and many of their Spartacist followers. They were, basically, the Separatists of real Germany. They were the Separatists, they even have a similar-ish name.

So, the botched timings during the prequel trilogy? Well, Amidala gets elected Queen aged 16. In Ep.I she therefore is at least 16. Ep.II happens ten years later, she’s at least 26. Erm, but she dies at 27 and she’s only just met Anakin again… Right, then Ep.III is three years after that, when it starts, making her at least 29. She was meant to die at 27, and we still have a decent part of her pregnancy to get through.

Something I can fix, though: many people wonder how Leia can remember her mother when HELLO! She was ten seconds old when the woman died! Well, if you also remember she was partially raised by Sabe (go back to Ep.I and there are some scenes you may struggle to figure whether it’d Padme or Sabe dressed up as Queen), so Leia remembers Sabe and believes it to be her mum.

Oh, that other thing? Well… you’ve heard of Loki, right? Norse mythology and all that? Right, he went by many names. Often he would change Loki to Luke because… I guess they’re similar? Ask DC (where he basically just goes by Luke). One name he uses that is consistent throughout the original myths and all comics is completely random; Loki uses the name Skywalker. Yes, Loki is Skywalker and sometimes swaps Loki for Luke. So Loki is Luke Skywalker. Thinking on this… Natalie Portman who plays Luke’s mum in Star Wars is Thor’s (Loki’s stepbrother’s) girlfriend in Thor and Avengers Assemble (not to mention Master Windu lives and only lost an eye…)




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