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Two things I did last year…

I didn’t do just two things last year, but here are two. I corrected both Stephen Hawking and The Guinness Book of World Records. In under a year. Between my turning 15 and… 5 months after that.

Firstly, Mr Hawking. He was on The Big Bang Theory, and in his most recent appearance he made a joke about Sheldon. “What do Sheldon and Black Holes have in common?” Personally, I was expecting the answer to be “Neither of them are very bright” (Look, it’s scientifically correct and funny and all.) But, sadly, no. He said “They both suck”. Okay, look, black holes don’t suck. I promptly yelled this at the man (through the TV screen) who is known to have made the largest contribution to the human understanding of black holes and quantum gravity ever. So, he should probably know that.

Secondly, on the first page (or about there), the GBoWR 2013 says that “Light is the fastest thing in the Universe”. Right, okay, but it isn’t. That’s what everyone believes but I am a theoretical physicist and astrophysicist and I’m pretty sure that time, at a constant speed of 1s/s is faster than light. To say that time is only affected by black holes and light can be affected by a piece of paper, that time is the same here and on the sun but light takes 8 minutes to travel that distance, might help this. Light is not as fast as time.

On another note: Can time escape a black hole?



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