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Films under a tenner: Sightseers


Les Misérables came out on DVD and BluRay this week, at £9.99/£10 and £14.99/£15 respectively. These prices are from two supermarkets, so the internet may sell them for more. The DVD is $15.36 as per last night’s ending.

This is obviously a great deal anyway, but even more so when you think it’s the release price and films like Avatar are being sold for the same price, even though it’s been out for four years.

However, Les Mis is only one of at least a dozen great films you can buy for under a tenner right now. One of these which has probably been overlooked by most people but is amazing is Sightseers.


Written by and starring Horrible Histories’ Alice Lowe and Kill List‘s Steve Oram, it follows Tina (Lowe) on a caravan trip around England with her new boyfriend Chris (Oram). Produced by Edgar Wright of the Blood and Ice-Cream Trilogy, and with taglines like “Evil has a knitted jumper”, it’s more than obvious what’s coming next…

Tina (coincidentally also the name of Lowe’s character in Wright’s surprisingly similar Hot Fuzz) is missing her dog, Poppy, who died in a knitting accident. This is completely irrelevant. Chris (Oram more commonly plays people called Carl, and that was only twice) is an avid camper, and takes Tina on what he calls an “erotic odyssey”. This mostly involves touring the North of England’s best sightseeing spots including Crich Tramway Museum, the Ribblehead Viaduct and Keswick Pencil Museum. Seriously, these are our tourist locations (and the Lake and Peak Districts). Of course, there are snobs that like that stuff at those places, and the unhappy couple kill them all off. The VFX are disappointingly better than those of Shaun of the Dead et al, providing annoyingly realistic murders.

The musical dissonance is a marvel, with the gleeful 80s’ soundtrack sharply contrasting with dark, simple, in a word: British, original pieces. Ben Wheatley’s – the director’s – choice of shots (and no doubt some awesome work done by the editors) are refreshing, and manage not to draw too much attention away from the handily-crafted script.

The stars actually took a caravan trip around the places they would be filming, as the crew “tried to make sure that it was open and fair to places, and that [the places] weren’t the butt of jokes.” Supposedly featuring the ‘holiday destinations’ would improve tourism then, Ben?

“From the makers of Hot Fuzz, Paul & Shaun of the Dead” (yet no Simon Pegg or Nick Frost…) it is sharp-witted and if you liked those, you’ll love this.



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