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Travel Guides: Menorca

So. What to do? Well, I don’t want to give you a week-long itinerary, but I’ll give you a few suggestions of day trips. Note: all day costs will be based on a family of four (two adults + two kids) and include food, transport, and the water bottles you must buy if you leave your hotel! … Continue reading

Travel Guides

I’m going to be writing some travel guides. These will be about cities (and the occasional not-exactly) and how to get the best out of these places without doing the tourist trail. Don’t get me wrong, guided stop-off tours are wonderful (air-conditioned coaches? Thank you!) but there are plenty other amazing things to see and do. … Continue reading

Oh, my

I seem to have been neglecting this blog (in favour of writing for a purpose: YES, for someone else!). (Which is no excuse?) I’ll try be better at updating. Here, have a gif (!) instead.

Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor

Announced at 1930 BST, Peter Capaldi – lifelong Doctor Who fan – is to be the Doctor when the series restarts in 2014. Aged 15, on the show’s tenth anniversary, he had a letter printed in the Radio Times congratulating the length and hoping for a 25th anniversary. Now, in the 50th Anniversary year, he … Continue reading

Memes Evolution: A Memetic Mutation

When you think of a meme, you’re probably imagining one of our friends above, or something from I Can Has Cheezburger. The definition of a meme, though, is: “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Or simply: “imitated thing” It’s a key concept in evolutionary science: to understand … Continue reading

Films under a tenner: Sightseers

Les Misérables came out on DVD and BluRay this week, at £9.99/£10 and £14.99/£15 respectively. These prices are from two supermarkets, so the internet may sell them for more. The DVD is $15.36 as per last night’s ending. This is obviously a great deal anyway, but even more so when you think it’s the release price … Continue reading

Extra-Galactic Travel is harder than light speed

I’ve seen it raised in three places now that if you have faster than light transportation, why don’t you go anywhere but a few systems in one galaxy? Mainly: Star Wars. They can make it across the place in a week, but never bother to leave. Well, the intro credits do say “A long time … Continue reading

Great Theory of Relative Multiverse and Relative Movement

Remember my Great Theory of Relative Multiverse and the Fourth Dimension? Yeah, well, it’s evolved! As a theoretical physicist and astrophysicist, I got this, and I just keep thinking and applying my (*extensive*) knowledge of Physics to better the theory until I have something I can publish that I am confident of and wholly behind … Continue reading

Palpatine is still Hitler..

Palpatine is still Hitler.. Remember that? Weeellll, there’s more. In Phantom Menace how the Trade Federation marched into Theed mirrored the Nazis march under the Arc de Triomphe and the Trade Federation, after occupying Naboo, also held the various indigenous people (Nabooian and Gungan) in camps that were implied to be death camps/concentration camps. In addition, it … Continue reading

Star Wars: Episode VII

I’m excited for Star Wars VII. We don’t know what it’s going to be like, who or what it’ll be about, but I’m really very excited. I think I’d prefer it to be about new characters, of the new wave after Cade or something, because they’re not established and all the creators, cast, and crew … Continue reading