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Two things I did last year…

I didn’t do just two things last year, but here are two. I corrected both Stephen Hawking and The Guinness Book of World Records. In under a year. Between my turning 15 and… 5 months after that. Firstly, Mr Hawking. He was on The Big Bang Theory, and in his most recent appearance he made a joke about Sheldon. … Continue reading

Palpatine is Hitler… and something else that’s really awesome.

Okay. So, most certainly Revenge Of The Sith, as well as some aspects from the other films of the prequel trilogy, resemble the Nazi rise so much I find it implausible to just be a coincidence. Keep reading for the something else. We won’t be working in chronological order, too much thinking. Well, let’s start with … Continue reading

The Art Of Photoshopping

If you can make this by photo editing: Then you can also make this: Or, you know, highlight the lines for comparative purposes. Because what is the job of a magazine’s photo editor; to manipulate images or minds?    

The Rational Person’s Guide to the Mayan ‘Apocalypse’

So look, the world as we know it hasn’t ended – just like I predicted! Here is a little factual prezi to put your minds at rest for the rest of the day. http://prezi.com/kdpymtr6x4lp/the-rational-persons-guide-to-the-mayan-apocalypse/?kw=view-kdpymtr6x4lp&rc=ref-22595999

Now the country’s out of recession, the train of imagination can start again!

And it’s first stop? World War III! Well, let’s start thinking of a scenario in which WW3 could erupt… Oil is discovered in the Falklands and the old Argie Bargies take their consistent pestering to the level of Malvinas Invasion Version 2… Germany have had it up to here (you can’t see but my hand’s … Continue reading

El Medio Ambiente – The Environment

Hi guys. I made this presentation to basically educate about dangers to the environment. It is in English, though the title is in Spanish. Why’s that? Because it sounds cooler, okay. Many factors you might first consider as neutral or social have actually quite an effect on the environment, and not often in a positive … Continue reading

River’s Universe

Basically the last one but I just made another with River on. Because I can.

Doctor on Stars

Okay hai guys I got a little bored earlier and made this, then starting infinite scrolling then was planning to post/upload this when my internet died randomly so I played more music and put it on twitter (because phone interwebz was fine) and, yeh, boredom sort-of allowed me to create this. And if you can … Continue reading

Just Science and Magic

Here! From a young age I have been doing the theoretical physics. So, age 12, I did some mind-stuff and basically the result was (because I love thinking about time): It is impossible to travel back in time. Simply. Also, age 15: Time travel isn’t really you moving forward in time, but slowing down time … Continue reading

Now, lets show you about archery. (Hawkeye, from Marvel’s Avengers Assemble)

http://ifanboy.com/articles/jeremy-renner-as-hawkeye-is-a-terrible-archer/ This says that compared to the American number 1, Hawkeye is epically failing at archery and therefore Marvel have it all wrong. Firstly, many people hold bows in different ways. Secondly, Jeremy Renner did have a trainer, so he knows what he’s doing, as well as there being consultants on all the disciplines used in the … Continue reading